We expecting 30 players, however it seems that number will definately rise as the interest has peaked incredibly.

Ace High man & SAPT will be keeping you updated on all the action in this Juggernaut of Texas Holdem Competition. The skills of most of the best players will be on display in the leading

entertainment complex in Johannesburg. Keep up with all the info. on & follw us on twitter @AceHigh.

We're Excited & We're Ready.

SAPT & Montecasino, bringing you the BEST!!

This is how the seating has been drawn thus far

Entries = 34

Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 Table 4
Seat 2 - Nick Sissou Seat 2 - Naven Naicker Seat 1 - Jason Strauss Seat 1 - Bennie Lingenfelder
Seat 4 - Nahum Lum Seat 3 - Menesh Keshav Seat 2 - Nick Ioannoy Seat 2 - Derek Banister
Seat 5 - James Parker Seat 4 - Justin Lowe Seat 3 - Alvin Pillay Seat 3 - Jay Sookoo
Seat 6 - Karl Myburgh Seat 5 - Mike Robertson Seat 4 - Rob Fenner Seat 4 - Des Godfrey
Seat 7 - Greg Tucker Seat 6 - Anand Kumar Seat 5 - Sean Stringer Seat 5 - Marc Joseph
Seat 8 - Luis Vale Seat 7 - Muaaz Gani Seat 6 - Jamie Vilela Seat 6 - Kinesh Pather
Seat 9 - Kenny Morgan Seat 8 - Warrick Wiegand Seat 7 - Rudolf Fourie Seat 7 - Wesley Wiegand
  Seat 9 - Greg Ronaldson Seat 8 - Johnny Peters Seat 8 - Ayaz Manji
    Seat 9 - Warren Zackey Seat 9 - Ryan Dreyer


We have already lost a player!! Kenny Morgan was knocked out by Karl Myburgh. A flop of A-6-5 gave Kenny a set of 6's but also gave Karl a set of A's. The money was in on the flop and that's all she wrote!!

Big hands for one of the biggest poker tourney's around SA!!

We have witnessed some very exciting play in the tourney so far.

Two young guns are going at each other; Muaaz Gani & Greg Ronaldson got into a small pot with some serious tactical checking and min-raising. Muaaz is playing a steady and solid game whilst Greg is getting involved in quite a few pots already, Greg has built up a nice stack though and Muaaz is slightly lagging behind the average stack. On another table Greg Tucker's getting as involved as his namesake, losing a bit of his big stack on a move to Luis Vale. On that table Karl Myburgh, who raced ahead early by knocking out Kenny Morgan, has dropped down to about average stack whilst Nick Sissou has been grinding himself back into the game very well.

A few Maverick of chance have shown themselves as Rudolf Fourie knocked out two players with a single swipe. The flop came K-high with 2 clubs and Alvin Pillay shipped his very short stack, Rudolf called and Johnny Peters shipped his stack which turned out not to be much more, so Rudolf called. Alvin showed he had hit the top pair, whilst Johnny showed the lowest pair with a 3-high flush dra 3-high w. Rudolfshowed his 8-high flush draw. The turn delivered the club that shut down the hand and knocked the two players out, pushing Rudolf to a decent stack on a reasonably quiet table.

Bennie Lingenfelder seems to have the 'gift-of-the-gab' as he talked big stack Kinesh Pather to call a very suspect river bet with top pair on a paired board. Bennie had raised pre-flop, checked the Q-high flop, bet the 10 on the turn and reduced his bet on the 10 on the river, with a smile he asked "what's a 1000 to such a big stack" and after Kinesh called he opened K-10 to claim the pot against Kinesh's Q (he didn't show his kicker).

The players seem to be easing into the game slowly and most don't seem to eager to get involved too early. The few Mavericks have mostly been up and down, the big guns seem to be waiting to pounce, and when the stakes are this high you could understand why.




Johnny Peters & ALvin Pillay out by way of Rudolf Fourie. 31players left, it's hotting up!!

Alright, after the quick toilet break the chip leaders by table are:

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

George Prokas 52,050

Derek Banister 59,075

Sean Stringer 58,800

Nahum Lum 56,000

Greg Ronaldson 86,075

Rudolf Fourie 82,075

Average stack = 35,175 29 players left.

Warrick Wiegand doubles up through Justin Lowe as the river came to deliver his 9 to save his tourney life!!

Full chip counts
Table 1 Table 2 Table 3
Seat 1: Derek Banister 38,800 Seat 1: Ryan Dreyer 54,300 Seat 1: Nick Ionnay 36,500
Seat 2: Naven Naicker 11,800 Seat 2: Jay Sookoo 19,000 Seat 2: Jason Strauss 28,800
Seat 3: Justin Lowe 48,800 Seat 3: George Prokas 17,900 Seat 3: Marc Joseph 17,900
Seat 4: Mike Robertson 29,000 Seat 4: Nahum Lum 80,700 Seat 4: Rob Fenner 70,300
Seat 5: Anand Kumar 39,100 Seat 5: James Parker 26,200 Seat 5: Sean Stringer 42,200
Seat 6: Muaaz Gani 27,100 Seat 7: Greg Tucker 78,300 Seat 7: Rudolf Fourie 85,500
Seat 8: Warrick Wiegand 17,200 Seat 8: Luis Vale 23,700 Seat 10: Ayaz Manji 85,800
Seat 9: Greg Ronaldson 52,900 Seat 9: Wesley Wiegand 34,000  
Seat 10: Karl Myburgh 55,400    
Players left = 24
Ave. Stack = 40,800


So the cards have been out for an 1h30min and we've lost quite a few players before the dinner break. Warrick Wiegand and Jason Strauss were short stacked on tables with some big stacks and struggled along to no avail, they're both out of the running. Marc Joseph got involved and came off 2nd best and so did Jay Sookoo.

On the other hand, Wesley Wiegand has made some headway against a very stron g table of Ryan Dreyer, Greg Ronaldson, James Parker and Nahum Lum (to name a few). Wesleyraised 3 hands in a row and won all three to put the attention on him at a very tough table. Muaaz Gani has also made some great plays to keep his stack decent, shoving against Justin Lowe's early raise and stealing a few pots in position.   Anand Kumar has changed up a gear, catapulting his stack up very well as he sits as one of the leaders on his table. On the same table Jason Strauss and Sean Stringer got involved pre when Sean shoved a very short stack and was called by an almost equally short Jason. Sean showed K-10 and Jason A-K. The flop of 7-8-9 was complimented by a Jack on the river to double Mr Stringer up and hurt Jason. A few hands later Jason Strauss was knocked out when he ran into AA with his AQ.   The field has been thinned down to 17 High-Rollers all with the will to win the first ever

Montecasino R30,000 High-Rollers tournament.

Full chip counts
Table 1 Table 2
  Seat 1: Nic Ioannoy 89,300 (2nd pos.)
Seat 1: Derek Banister 21,300 Seat 3: James Parker 105,400 (1st pos.)
Seat 3: Greg Tucker 39,800 Seat 4: Rob Fenner 76,000 (5th pos.)
Seat 4: Justin Lowe 17,700 Seat 5: Sean Stringer 33,400
Seat 5: Mike Robertson 32,300 Seat 6: Anand Kumar 48,500
Seat 6: Ryan Dreyer 28,000 Seat 7: Rudolf Fourie 82,100 (4th pos.)
Seat 7: Muaaz Gani 76,700 Seat 8: Luis Vale 67,200
Seat 8: Nahum Lum 84,000 (3rd pos.) Seat 9: Greg Ronaldson 49,400
Seat 9: Karl Myburgh 73,400 Seat 10: Ayaz Manji 75,500
Average Satck = 60,000
Blinds 1000/2000 + 200Ante



Sean Stringer doubles through Rudolf Fourie, KQ(hearts) vs. AK, Sean hits a Q and two hearts on the flop with a river K to seal it.

Muaaz Gani makes a surge at his table knocking out Karl Myburgh. M raised pre, Muaaz caught the flush on the river and Karl shipped

Muaaz Gani has had a bit of a nice run, he raised to 4500 from UTG with QJ and Ryan  Dreyer called him from the big-blind. The flop came down Q-10-7 with 2 diamonds, both players checked, turn rag-diamond, checked, river raggier-diamond, again it was checked and Ryan showed pocket 4's and Muaaz revealed his QJ to find out he had the J-high flush. A few hands later, Muaaz raised from the button and Karl Myburgh called him from the big-blind. The flop came down 9-4-3 (rainbow), Muaaz bet after Karl checked and Karl called. the turn came a 4(clubs) both players checked, the river another club, Karl checked and Muaaz bet 12,000, Karl shipped and Muaaz called after a short tank. Karl showed A-4 and Muaaz A-9(clubs), Muaaz had Karl covered and took a scalp and a valuable boost to his stack.

14 players left.


Muaaz Gani has knocked out another player, Derek Banister. Muaaz called the all-in pre with A-K against Q-9, the flop brought the 9 but the turn AND river came A's to give Muaaz trips and push us ever closer to the final table .Between James Parker and Muaaz Gani is where our chip-leader resides, with Rudolf Fourie not far behind.

11 left.

Blinds = 1500/3000 + 300Ante

Highrollers Final Table

Seat 1: Nahum Lum 96,800 (9.49%)
Seat 2: James Parker 187,300 (18.36%)
 Seat 3: Anand Kumar 77,600 (7.6%), Seat 4: Sean Stringer 75,900 (7.44%), Seat 5: Greg Tucker 79,600 (7.8%),

Seat 6: Rob Fenner 51,100 (5%),

Seat 7: Nic Ioannoy 62,000 (6.08%), Seat 8: Rudolf Fourie 142,000 (13.92%), Seat 9: Ryan Dreyer 55,400 (5.43%), Seat 10: Muaaz Gani 193,200 (18.94%)
1st: R400,000
2nd: R275,000
3rd: R150,000
4th: R93,000

Massive hand!!!
Blinds = 1500/3000 + 300 Ante.
Greg Tucker raises to 7000 UTG, Rudolf Fourie re-pops to 20k, Nahum Lum ships for 38,200. Tuck ships the baby and Rudolf open folds QQ. Nahum shows JJ and Tuck KK.
The flop comes down 8-Q-Q, turn A and river J to fill up for Nahum and dent Tucker's stack. We all know how much a bad-beat hurts, but with a R30,000 buy-in, it must sting in a special place. The beauty of Poker!!
That's what Ace-high man calls an "Incredi-hand"!!!!

What do you know about big pots??? NOTHING!!!

Muaaz Gani vs. James Parker 2 biggest stacks on the table!

James Parker led out from UTG and Muaaz 3bet from the small blind. The flop comes 5-6-8, Muaaz leads out 22k and James smoothed. Turn comes a 6, Muaaz leads out 40k, James smoothes. The river comes a 7, Muaaz ships. James goes into the tank and asks a few questions to no avail. James eventually calls and opens 99, showing the straight, Muaaz is frustrated and mucks his cards as he doubles James up and cripples himself to +/- 50k. James is now sitting with about 40% of chips in play whilst the gents go for a 15min break!

Full chip-counts coming up.

Seat 1: Nahum Lum 83,600

Seat 2: James Parker 396,600

Seat 3: Anand Kumar 61,300

Seat 4: Sean Stringer 89,600

Seat 5: Greg Tucker 45,700

Seat 7: Nic Ioannoy 128,600

Seat 8: Rudolf Fourie 154,600

Seat 9: Ryan Dreyer 17.000

Seat 10: Muaaz Gani 46,700

Blinds = 2500/5000 + 500 Ante

9 players left.

Ryan Dreyer just tripled up just after the break. Not out of #HighRollers yet 'Dre'?
Down to 7 players with Muaaz Gani out from the running. Anand Kumar knocked out by Greg Tucker. Short stacks really struggling now
We are down to 6 players @MONTECASINOZA #HighRollers, Greg Tucker knocked out Nic Ioannoy. Boom!! 

So in the last 15minutes we've lost 3 players and burst the bubble!!

First to go was Nahum Lum, he shipped his pocket 8's and Greg Tucker called him with pocket Q's. Tuck held up to claim another scalp and bring us to the bubble.

A few hands later, Ryan Dreyer shipped from the cut-off and was called by James Parker and Greg Tucker. Ryan rivered a 10 with his A-10 but was shown up by James' pocket J's, a bit of a stiff way to go by the way James took a second or two to show his J's.

Then Greg Tucker claimed the scalp of Sean Stringer to bring us to the top 3. Sean Stringer played a great game and fought against his short-stack to win himself R93,000 and some respect from the more well-known players.

Top 3 

Seat 2: James Parker +/- 495k  

Seat 5: Greg Tucker +/- 390k

  Seat 8: Rudolf Fourie +/- 160k  

Next Prize = R150,000 + Respect!!!!

The Stacks have evened out slightly after Rudolf Doubled up through James. AK vs. AQ, AK held up. Still 3 players in it, Greg Tucker is playing his position well when he has it and isn't passive when out of position so he has continued to apply pressure on the other 2 players. Looks like we've still got a long way to go!

 Congratulations Greg Tucker !!!



2 1 3